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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I am very happy how these turned out. More from my underglaze drawing series, these are the owl plates. Size is about 9" diam, and they hare wired on the back to hang. I just listed them on my Etsy site.  Here is the link to what they looked like working on them.

Owl Plate, hand built, 9" diam. Cathy Kiffney

Detail, Owl Plate, Cathy Kiffney

Owl Plate, wall hanging. 9" diam. Cathy Kiffney
Detail, owl plate, Cathy Kiffney

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Continuing my obsession with clouds

surface work on cloud shapes. Cathy Kiffney
Clouds ~ Clay

making cloud forms. Cathy Kiffney
This has been going on for about a year, but I have not had time to really explore like I would like.

smoothing clouds. Cathy Kiffney

Clouds made out of clay. I like the juxtaposition clouds/clay. 

cloud form, clay. Cathy Kiffney

Clouds--soft, ephemeral. Clay--hard, permanent. Also, I've been searching for a form that have no utilitarian reference.

slip painting, clay clouds. Cathy Kiffney

Voila! Clouds

glazing clouds. Cathy Kiffney

clay cloud, 11x7x2". Cathy Kiffney
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