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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saxapahaw Art Gallery

Have you heard about Saxapahaw? Read this article in the NY Times about this unlikely little hot spot. I live right down the road so I was excited to hear about the Saxapahaw Art Gallery.  It is in an old storefront, hardwood floors, old brick walls and a meat locker room with a secret patio out back that is going to be turned into a bar and coffee shop.
So I am happy about having my work represented there. Such an easy drive and a cool place to hang out. Here are a couple of the works at the gallery.

Owl Platter, 16" diam. Cathy Kiffney

All the Hemispheres, Ceramic wall piece 24" high, Cathy Kiffney

Monday, June 25, 2012


Well, my are a few from my last flock. Two of these are available on my Etsy site. Happy Monday! Here is a haiku to get you started.

and the lively hummingbird,
can be illusive.  

Hummingbird ceramic wall bird, Cathy Kiffney
Hummingbird ceramic wall bird, Cathy Kiffney
Hummingbird ceramic wall bird, Cathy Kiffney

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tidewater Gallery

It is so nice when a gallery owner comes to my studio. NO shipping, yay!! And I  get to meet them, and they get to pick out exactly what they want, win-win!!

If you are lucky enough to be going to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina take a trip to Swansboro, NC. It is a sweet little village right on the Cape Fear river.  Look for Tidewater Gallery in a beautiful historic house and look for my work! Say hi to the gallery director, Ray for me. Here are a few of the works they have.

Bluebird and Red Roses, Large wall platter, carved. Cathy Kiffney

Bird, wall piece. Cathy Kiffney

Jumping Rabbit wall hanging teapot. Cathy Kiffney

Red Rabbit and Dandelion, Cathy Kiffney

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Making of a Mural part one

I have been commissioned to make 4 large wall panels, a commemorative piece for a very sweet collector.  After many consultations to gather her ideas and wishes I did a sketch for us to use to further refine her ideas.  She has a beautiful garden, absolutely amazing with all kinds flowers and very peaceful.  We are trying to capture the essence of that.

Then the clay started. I call this the cave man stage--- whack with mallet.

Make some slabs, these will be approximately 23"x12"

Smoothing--Action shot!

 Side borders
Making the border sides, this is the back side join the slabs.

 Forgot to get a few pictures of the stages before this, but it was layout, underpainting and carving. She wants it full of beautiful flowers, lots of  butterflies birds and her sweet little dog friend, Lillie Mae.

 More painting and carving. Owl and rabbits, doves, roses.....
  Here is the half finished mural. Up to this point this is about a month of work. Now it will dry and then be bisqued fired. Then more glazing and detail work and into the kiln again, with fingers crossed!
I will post pictures as I continue this project.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black Rabbit - White Rabbit

Black Rabbit - White Rabbit, ceramic wall diptych, 1997. Cathy Kiffney

From the archives, 1997 is my best guess.
2 part wall piece, 36" long x 14" high.
I think I was thinking about opposites and our dual nature, subconscious-conscious, positive-negative, black-white, left-right, night-day.

This was one of my first multiple part pieces and still  one of my favorites.  I showed it at Tyndall Galleries when the gallery was still in Brightleaf in Durham and I was pleasantly encouraged because it sold right away.

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