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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dairyland Road--Local Artists

Eleven artists in six studios- all within a two-mile area- will be open for you to visit, chat, discover and learn about a variety of art and crafts! All  are in the OCAG tour This is a unique part of the tour that you and your friends can visit easily in a half-day. You can meet and talk to artists working in jewelry, ceramics, photography, textiles, woodworking, paintings and other media. Please refer to the map below. I will have additional cards in my studio for our "mini tour" and brochures for the full O OCAG Tour. Please, come on out, I would love to see you!

Nov. 5 and 6, 12 and 13. Sat. 10-5 and Sun. 12-5
My Studio
Cathy Kiffney
3707 Hawk Ridge Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC
Facebook event page for the tour: Facebook OCAG

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Annual Open Studio Tour

It's that time of year again, Orange County Open Studio Tour! First two weekends in November, Saturday's 10-5 and Sunday's 12-5. Facebook Page for tour.  Here is a video about it from a couple of years ago.

This year I will have a guest artist showing with me, Maria Tadd. She works with water media creating lovely nature images and she has quite a fan club! This is her first year on the OCAG Tour.
Please plan to attend and bring your friends, I'd love to see you!

The Orange County Studio Tour has 83 artists showing at 66 studios. This year a group of us out in the Dairyland Rd. area put together a map for an easy mini tour, here are the details!
I will have full brochures for the tour, plus our card to the Dairyland group. Be sure to visit Maple View Ice Cream Shop, best ice cream ever!

Friday, October 21, 2016

One Day Show!

Everyone is invited to a one day show and sale at Frank Gallery! 

All ceramics!

Frank Gallery
Saturday, October 22.
light refreshments
Chapel Hill, NC

Join FRANK artists for an afternoon of shopping! We will have some of your favorite FRANK potters and ceramicists on site with a selection of work for this one-day-only sale. They will be available to answer questions, discuss their work, and hopefully send you home with a new favorite piece of artwork!

Susan Filley

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Frank Gallery Ceramics Show

Pots in the Piedmont at Frank Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC

The Piedmont region of North Carolina has become a destination for pottery lovers and collectors. The area is rich with a vast and diverse population of potters who embrace and expand upon the history and tradition of ceramics in the south. Our featured exhibition in October, Pots in the Piedmont, showcases a group of more than a dozen ceramicists and potters, from Raleigh to Seagrove, who share an emphasis on functional form in both sculptural and practical pieces. Among the artists presented at FRANK this fall, some continue to create using traditional forms that are strongly rooted in the undeniable style of NC pottery, and others find inspiration towards a more contemporary aesthetic.
Carolyn Doyle
Charlie Evergreen
Carol Gentithes
Barbara Higgins
Daniel Johnston
Fred Johnston
Molly Lithgo
Julie Olson
Liz Paley
Marilyn Palsha
Gillian Parke
Gretchen Quinn
Jennifer Stas
Charlie Tefft
Brad Tucker
Evelyn Ward
Fred Johnston

Evelyn Ward

Marilyn Palsha

Charlie Tefft

Gillian Parke

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