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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fireplace Surrounds Commissions

I've been going through old floppy disks and CD's trying to organize old pictures. It is soooo hard! Some of the old pictures are just horrible.  These are a couple commissions from many years ago, I wish I had a better image of it.  I took this shot with my first digital camera that was a 1.3 megapixel! 


  1. Cathy those are amazing. I've done a couple of backsplashes for kitchens, but nothing this elaborate and even the base is tiled!

  2. Thanks Julie! These were pretty big projects and from quite a few years ago. This is the first time I have put up pictures of them because I thought the images were not good, but I like having record of large projects. There are some others that I never got images of, boooo!

  3. Hey Cathy, don't know if you remember them, but I have three outside sculptures that catch a trough of water for the birds to drink. They welcome the visitors to my studio!

  4. I do remember, Trudy! It was back in the old school house studio...I can't remember the exact pieces but I know you picked out some of my more unusual work which made a big impression on me.
    Thanks for visiting the blog!


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