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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love Birds

Bali Mynah Love Birds, hand made, slip and glaze painted ceramic wall platter 13" diam. Cathy Kiffney
May I suggest most gently for the sake of these little birds and so many more please, do not support the use feathers as a decorative accessory, I am seeing them more lately. It has always been a fad and because of that many wonderful creatures are experiencing horrible suffering becoming endangered or are already extinct. Another reason for decline is the pet bird trade and loss of habitat.  The Bali Mynah is one of the world's most critically endangered birds.   In fact, it has been hovering immediately above extinction in the wild for several years.
This is a new platter from my slip painted series, Bali Mynah Love Birds, 13" diam.


  1. Cathy I love this platter- the composition and the colors. And I agree with you - we need - now - more than ever to help the endangered animals - displaced because of human (over) population and human lack of respect for all creatures.

  2. Cathy your platters are so wonderful. And here here for speaking up about feathers. Everytime I see a beautiful insect or butterfly in a glass frame I want to scream!

  3. Thank you, gals! After I re-read my post I had to change it a little, it sounded rather accusatory and that is not what I meant at all... I know you saw beyond that to my true meaning. I really like what you both said, thank you! Cathy


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