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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Before and After

Here is the bisque fired bird getting more glazes.  Remember the camouflaged birds from  a previous post. That is how they look before the bisque firing.

And here are a few just out of the kiln. I like the new glazes and I am enjoying the slip trailing process and the combination of the glazes with the slips.

Some of these new birds will probably be in my upcoming show at NC Crafts Gallery in Carrboro, NC.
April 1-30.  I am still working on more pieces and will see how the next two firings go before choosing the work to show.


  1. Oh Cathy - these birds turned out great! I love them! I didn't realize how large they were. Good luck with your upcoming show!

  2. They are pretty big! I always think that it is difficult to judge the scale of work on line so my new favorite way to photo is holding the piece.
    And I am getting very excited about the show--I hope, hope, hope the vases turn out!
    Thanks for checking in!


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