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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Falcon and Roses

 I love before and after pictures. This big wall vase may be the largest one I've ever made and I am really happy with how it turned out.  A clay piece this size is like an accident waiting to happen, so many things can go wrong.   If you work with clay you know what I mean. Drying cracks, glaze malfunctions, kiln heating and cooling cracks, drips, colors shifting, color burning out...and on and on. So time to celebrate!

Falcon and Roses, large wall vase. 21"x16"5" Cathy Kiffney

FIVE weeks until open studio show!


  1. What a stunning piece, I just think the colors are perfect as well.
    Beautiful work!

  2. always great to see process photos. Thanks. Good luck on the tour!

  3. Thanks, I like to see it too. I've been enjoying looking at your process Shannon. I really love the fox tiles :)

    Hey, you are open this weekend? I'll go and check your page and find out.. it would be fun to stop by and I will try.


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