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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clean Slate

New Year.  Blank page anxiety, that feeling of panic right under the surface.

All the possibilities, choices, along with the usual pressure to somehow do it right this time.

Finally, to work it all out, find the right formula, make the most amazing work...

I know the routine by now. It always begins with many false starts, wrong turns, dead ends, detours, until finally I remember.

I don't have to change everything, start with what I know. Trust.

You had the power all along, my dear. – Glinda the Good Witch.
Onward and Upwards!


  1. isn't it funny? I have that little voice every time I start something that says "you have no idea what you're doing!" and, "who do you think you are, anyway?". and then it snickers at me. I hear it. and keep on working. soon enough, something happens. I think the memory and the trust is in my hands... onwards, Cathy! xo

  2. It's the colours you've used!
    Wishing you a wonderfully creative year.


  3. Yes, happy new year Ruby and Laura! It is always a wrestling game to get started again. Choosing what to continue with and what to let go. Hopefully improving a bit along the way!


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