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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spotlight- Mirinda Kossoff

We have two fabulous jewelry artists at the Mother's Day Weekend show,  Mirinda Kossoff and  Rebecca McLaughlin Neigher.  I look forward to seeing their work up close and in person. The temptation  to buy some of this wonderful work will be excruciating! Well, if I sell enough of my work I can justify it. So please, come to our show! Here is a peek at Mirinda Kossoff's work. In the next post I will introduce you to Rebecca.

Mirinda Kossoff

Though I often work from design drawings to create a finished piece, I sometimes start on a “jewelry journey” without a fixed destination. I enjoy playing with the pieces and finding out where the journey takes me.
Mirinda Kossoff
 I like to experiment with new techniques, such as using resin with fine silver, adding keum boo (applying a layer of 24k gold), and figuring out how to incorporate a vintage piece into something modern and edgy.
Mirinda Kossoff
 Because I like to roam the world of design and fabrication, I rarely make the same piece twice, though I will sometimes create variations of a piece. The one consistent thing about my jewelry is that I make pieces I would want to wear. (And yes, sometimes I have trouble parting with them.)

Mirinda Kossoff
I work both in sheet metal and PMC (precious metal clay). I am a certified instructor in PMC, which is powdered pure silver mixed with an organic binder. I can work the silver much the way a sculptor works clay, though with certain restrictions. Once I’ve designed and formed a piece, I fire it in a jewelry kiln. The binder burns away and what remains is a solid piece of fine silver. I texture and oxidize my pieces to give them depth and dimension.

To see more visit her web site, and come to our Mother's Day Weekend show and sale! See you then. :)

Mirinda Kossoff
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