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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flying off to Turkey and Urns

Well, these birds are. She decided she wanted all three!  I would like to go someday.

Urns, for a special person. Just at that wonderful leather-hard stage. Soft and warm.

making vessel Cathy Kiffney studio


  1. Beautiful urns....I agree about the leather stage. Kristen Kieffer calls it suede.
    The birds are so successful I'm not surprised your customer wanter all of them. Don't you love the idea of your pottery going around the world?

  2. Yes, the idea is great, but figuring out shipping is a challenge! I like the leather hard phrase because I have a thing for leather, growing up with horses and cleaning saddles and bridles I understand that firm but pliable state where it holds its shape but can still move. thanks for stopping by smartcat!


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