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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


In the last post you can see the pre-fired pieces, here they are after the glaze firing. Whale, Elephant and Crow.  Three out of four, for some reason Swan did not make it, . I've been having trouble with this clay batch. The trouble is cooling cracks. I am very disappointed because Swan was my favorite and I spend hours on these pieces! Not good. I am switching clay asap.

Forget Me Not, oval platter 16" length, Cathy Kiffney
Elephant, oval platter 16" tall, Cathy Kiffney
Cosmic Crow, oval platter 16" length, Cathy Kiffney

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  1. Making this stuff has enough hassles without the added craziness of having to fight your materials. Toes crossed that you find a better body.


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